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Wajir gets 1,000 volunteers for Covid-19 awareness

The county has confirmed 16 cases.

May 24th 2020 · 1 min read
Wajir gets 1,000 volunteers for Covid-19 awareness

Wajir has engaged 1,000 community health volunteers to raise coronavirus awareness. 

Governor Mohamed Abdi said the rising number of Covid-19 cases has pushed the county to explore all avenues to stop the disease from spreading. 

The county has confirmed 16 cases, people who travelled back from Mogadishu on a livestock trade trip.

Abdi spoke when he unveiled the team at the county offices. He said given their proximity to the communities, the CHVs are well placed to break down social barriers and make health information interpretable and comprehensible to residents.

“We can only win the war against this invisible virus through concerted efforts and more so from within the community. Furthermore, we have to appreciate that the disease has crossed over the Somalia border and is now in our villages," Abdi said.

"It thus requires each and every individual’s efforts to contain its further spread and consequently the engagement of community volunteers for satisfactory results.

“In this way, they are able to 'demystify' the healthcare system, and as a result, successfully encourage linkage and uptake of services.”

Abdi said his administration will pay the CHVs a stipend of Sh5,000 per month for the next two months.

He said with strict supervision and appropriate capacity building, their presence will enhance health education on handwashing techniques, social distancing and dissemination of appropriate messages to trigger behavioural change.

He, however, said any future engagement with the volunteers will solely depend on service delivery.

Abdi said he expects Community Health Extension Workers to update their personal files for future appraisal. Currently, the county has 63 CHEWs.

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