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US lauds Kenya partnership in fight against al Shabaab

Two nations training, sharing information, and fighting side by side to defeat militia.

Jan 15th · 1 min read

The United States through its Embassy in Kenya has reiterated its continued fight against terrorism and lauded its partnership with the country in the war on terror.

In a statement to media houses on Wednesday, during the one-year anniversary of the Dusit terror attack, the US Embassy in Kenya said it remains committed in the fight against the al Shabaab threat.

The attack at the Dusit D2 complex a year ago left 21 people killed during a 20-hour long siege.

The embassy also lauded the multi-agency security team that took part in the rescuing of survivors from the hands of terrorists.

"We again commend the speed and courage of the response by the Kenyan security services who rescued hundreds of innocent civilians and ended the assault,"  read the statement.

Over 700 were safely evacuated from the complex thanks to the team of security personnel.

They added, "Al-Shabaab’s ongoing efforts to destabilize democratic, open societies represents a destructive threat in Kenya and East Africa. The United States and Kenya are training, sharing information, and fighting side by side to defeat this terrorist organization."

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI and Kenya's DCI, weer in the front line during the investigations into the attack.

Among the Americans killed was I-DEV International CEO Jason Spindler.

The siege at the complex started on Tuesday, January 15 and continued till around 10 am the following day.

A group of four attackers from the al Shabaab militia group stormed the complex in two vehicles.

One of the attackers blew himself up next to the Secret Garden restaurant.

After the blast the remaining terrorists forced guards to open the gates of 14 Riverside Drive-by shooting at them and lobbing grenades as they made their way into the complex, setting ablaze some of the vehicles in the parking bay.

The elite Recce squad, the anti-terrorism Police and the General Service Unit were sent in to rescue hostages and combat the militants.

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