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Uhuru calls for continued partnership between State and Church

President reiterated government's pledge to support religious institutions.

Nov 2nd 2020 · 2 min read
Uhuru calls for continued partnership between State and Church

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his Government's commitment to continue partnering with the church in service delivery particularly in youth development initiatives across the country

The President encouraged religious leaders to continue partnering with the government in the transformation of the country saying the church is the conscience of the nation.

He said the church has over the years played the role of holding Kenya's political leadership to account and encouraged the clergy to continue being the country's "conscience".

“Yes you are out there to save souls but you are also out there to serve and ensure that the will of your people is followed and committed by their leaders.

“And I want to encourage you that you shouldn’t stop that but continue because as my father used to say, ‘You the church are indeed the conscience of society’ and we need you at the very forefront to ensure that we who have also been given the mandate by the people to execute on their behalf, an agenda to improve livelihoods are kept on toes," the President said.

He spoke on Sunday during the celebration Service of the 50th Anniversary of the Anglican Province of Kenya at the All Saint Cathedral in Nairobi.

The ACK traces its roots to the arrival of Anglican missionaries at the Kenyan coast in mid 19th century. The first Kenyan ACK bishops were consecrated in 1955.

Five years later, the Anglican Church of Kenya became part of the Province of East Africa. Fifty years ago, in August 1970, the Anglican Church of Kenya became an independent province of the Anglican with the late Archbishop Festo Olang as its head.

At the celebration service conducted by Archbishop Rev. Dr Jackson Nasoore Ole Sapit, Uhuru said the Anglican Church is inseparable from the Kenyan society, as it has greatly contributed to the growth of education, health and other key social sectors of the country.

"The Anglican Church is inseparable from Kenyan society. You are part and parcel of society and history of this nation. Not only have you been involved very heavily in not just spreading the gospel but also participating in education, in health and many other activities that have gone to improve lives," he said.

"You have played a central role in the social, economic life of this country and have been instrumental in ushering in changes that have made Kenya a better place."

Uhuru said the church must work hand in hand with the government so as to grow a generation of responsible empowered, God-fearing citizens.

"I look forward to working with you, not only as of the Anglican community but indeed with the entire religious community for us to see what is it that we can do together to get our children away from the challenges that they are going through," he said.

"Take me as a partner, take my government as a partner and I look forward to engaging with you and others as we seek solutions to these most pressing problems."

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