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Sudanese police free 66 hostages held by human trafficking groups

Oct 18th 2020 ยท 1 min read

KHARTOUM - The Sudanese Police on Saturday announced that 66 hostages held by human trafficking groups have been freed.

"Gedaref State Police managed to free 66 Ethiopian and Sudanese victims at Al-Quraisha locality on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border who have been held by a network active in human trafficking," said a statement by Sudanese Police Press Office.

"The operation was carried out, thanks to the readiness and vigilance of the Gadaref police forces deployed on the border line to combat crimes of human trafficking, drugs, spread of weapons and smuggling of essential goods," Sabir Alla Jabo Fadl Al-Sid, Gadaref State Police Director, was quoted in the statement as saying.

He said that the police ambushed the group members and seized a vehicle carrying 64 girls who are Ethiopian nationals and two Sudanese. Considered as one of the cross points for human trafficking and illegal immigration, Sudan has recently been witnessing increasing organized groups involved in these activities.

Khartoum says it is maintaining high-level coordination with some African and European countries to tackle the problem.

last updated: 2020-10-18@21:10