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Sudanese military repels attack by Ethiopian forces along border

Jun 23rd 2020 · 1 min read
Sudanese military repels attack by Ethiopian forces along border

BEIRUT, LEBANON – The Sudanese Armed Forces announced on Monday that it repelled an attack by Ethiopian forces at the Anfal site in the eastern bank of the Atbara River, specifically in the Al-Fashqa area.

A statement posted by the armed forces on its Facebook page, indicated that it “responded to an attack by some components of the Ethiopian forces at the Anfal site, and the aggressors suffered great losses, and returned them in their wake.”

The statement added: “The armed forces affirm their right to defend their lands by all legitimate means and will remain vigilant and determined to fulfill their duty to protect the land of Sudan and its borders.”

On Sunday, RT Arabic reported that Sudan confronted an attack by the Ethiopian forces at a military camp along the border.

The border region between Sudan and Ethiopia witnessed in late May 2020 military tension, as clashes took place between Ethiopian gunmen, backed by the military, and the Sudanese Armed Forces.

At the same time, Sudan and Egypt are involved in a conflict with Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam; this has been at the forefront of the tensions between the three African nations.

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