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Rashid Aman: Stop importation of virus from other areas

CAS urges Kenyans who live along the Kenya-Somali border to be vigilant.

May 12th ยท 1 min read

Health CAS Rashid Aman has urged Kenyans who live along the Kenya-Somali border to be vigilant with persons coming in or out of the country.

During a press briefing on Monday at Afya House, he said that the government has noted with concern that especially at the border points, increasing numbers of positive cases have been noted. 

"For example along the Kenya-Somali border particularly in the area of Mandera and Wajir, we are seeing cases that are resulting from people who have either travelled across the border and come back or people coming from the other side to the country. This kind of movement is what causes the spread of the virus," Rashid said.

He added that those communities that live along the borders especially those that are long and porous and difficult to monitor should be keen on the movement and report to the authorities if they see anything unusual.

"We need to stop the importation of the disease from other areas so we are urging the communities along the borders to keep a keen eye and report any movements they see across the borders," he added.

Kenya on Monday recorded 28 new cases of Covid-19, raising the country's total number to 700 cases.

Of the new cases, 10 are from Mombasa, nine from Kajiado, seven from Nairobi and two from Wajir.

The nine cases from Kajiado are all Kenyan truck drivers who were returning from Tanzania and tested at the Namanga border.

last updated: 2020-05-12@18:05