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Somalia to investigate dead fish found in its shores

by Horn Observer Jan 1st 2020 · 1 min read
Somalia to investigate dead fish found in its shores

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia government on Wednesday that its investigating dead fish seen in Mogadishu shores and vows to take DNA tests for the Somalia fish to combat the illegal fishing, Sonna reported.

The dead fish seen at the Mogadishu shores, which has been described as small fishes known in Somali language as "Ceydi”, are largely used by the fishers to hunt other fish.

"This type of fish is very small fish known as "Ceydi” which the fishers hunt other fishes and was found at Halane coast and we are investigating the cause” Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi, Director General of Somali ministry of Fishery said in an interview with the state run media.

"We will also the DNA of the Somalia fish in order to protect further illegal fishing from our shores” Director Abdullahi added.

Somalia has long suffered illegal fishing from foreign vessels who regularly fish the Somalia shores, due to the Somali government’s inability to dispatch patrol ships to guard one of the largest shores in Africa.

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