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Somali Red Crescent remains at the forefront of helping flood victims

Aug 25th 2020 · 1 min read

Heavy seasonal rainfall which has caused extensive flooding in many parts of the country. River banks broke in the Balcad and Marka districts causing extensive damage to homes and farmlands. The aftermath of the floods has forced hundreds of thousands of displaced families to look for a new home.

The Somali Red Crescent has been at the forefront assisting families with safe transportation, sandbags, aqua tabs and food. Items such as tarpaulins and mats have been delivered to 2000 households living in displacement camps. Hygiene kits and information have been provided to the families in order to reduce the risk of acute water diarrhea.

“These are our people, our brothers and sisters, we have to help them during these trying times. We have assisted them get their remaining belongings from their houses and look for ways to transport them to higher grounds” – Adan Ahmed Eman, SRCS Volunteer, Afgooye.

last updated: 2020-08-25@07:08