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Somalia's Special Forces Hunt for Shabaabs in Shabelle

Nov 18th 2020 ยท 1 min read

Somalia's US-trained special forces, Danab, have carried out a planned operation targeting al-Shabaab in some parts of Shabelle regions and Hiraan.

According to the Commander of the 4th Danab Commandos, Mohamed Suleiman, the Tuesday morning operation destroyed Al-Shabaab bases in Hiraan and Shabelle regions in Hirshabelle state.

The commander also said that Danab forces captured al-Shabaab officials, including Hiran regional finance chief Hassan Yusuf Ali, head of the El'ade Women's Education Ali Abdulle Jilaw, and al-Shabaab's Zakat collecting in the Shabelle regions Abdullahi Ishaq Hussein.

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Lastly, the commander of Danab 4th command, Mohamed Suleiman, said that DANAB forces will continue the operation until they remove Al-Shabaab from their strongholds in the country.

The move comes a day after the DANAB forces carried out an operation in Gambole area of Lower Shabelle region, killing an Al-Shabaab official

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