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Puntland State Leader Urges Security Forces to Kill Criminals On the Spot

Aug 1st 2020 ยท 1 min read

Puntland State of Somalia leader Said Abdullahi Deni has on Wednesday urged security forces to kill any armed person or criminal they capture on the spot before they are taken into custody.

"We promise not to have mercy on those people who are our enemies I urge security forces to kill the enemies on the spot," Puntland leader Deni said.

During an address in Garowe, the regional leader said that Puntland has many enemies with different faces and asked security forces to develop close co-operations with residents, a move which he said will help improve the security of Puntland.

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"The enemies come in different forms I urge the security forces to instantly shoot any criminal or armed." he added.

This comes barely less than three days after police opened fire at protesters in Garowe.

Over the last years, several kinds of conflicts have been brewing and intensifying in Puntland between clan militias, Alshabab and ISIS.

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