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Manager of Health Facility Arrested in Connection With Abduction and Killing of 8 Healthcare Workers

Jun 8th 2020 ยท 1 min read

The manager of the health facility where 8 healthcare workers were abducted and later executed is being held by the Criminal Investigations Department in Mogadishu for questioning.

The manager whose identity can not be revealed for legal reason, together with another worker were picked up after the intelligence report placed them at the vicinity of the past where the workers were later executed.

Last week the police also arrested the driver of the van reported to have ferried the victims to the killing site.

The manager and the worker are said to have been away from the health centre for almost an hour after the 8 young men were abducted and they were at a park near where the health workers were executed.

According to authorities, the young health workers were all shot in the head with an AK47.

" Let alone 5 armed men even 5 pickups full of armed men cannot go to the area those people were killed, the young men were killed by people who were specially trained and were shot in the head one bullet each," said an investigative authority whose name is withheld.

Attorney general Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud has joined authorities investigating the case and has also visited Bal'ad district of middle Shabelle.

On Tuesday authorities arrested the driver of the minibus which was used to abduct the 8 health workers and was transferred to Mogadishu for further interrogation.

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