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Somalia government organizes Demos in Mogadishu to condemn Al Shabab¨s violent attacks

Jan 2nd · 1 min read

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somali government have on Thursday held a demonstration to condemn the Somali militant group Al-Shabab for Sarturday's Mogadishu truck bombing at General Kahiye Police Academy, though some parts of the city demonstrations turned violent, witnesses and local media reported.

Protesters have gathered at Ex control junction where a truck bombing killed nearly 90 people on Saturday. shops are being robbed and luxury cars are damaged. pic.twitter.com/jPCZbtU2L3— Hussein Mohamed (@HussienM12) January 2, 2020

The demonstration, which was organized by the Benadir regional administration was attended government officials, civil society representatives, women and youth, called the Somali people not to cry to but revenge against the Shabab.

Dahir Amin Jeesow, a prominent lawmaker speaking to the participants of the demonstration urged the Somalis to revenge instead of crying.

"We will not cry but revenge” Dahir Amin Jeesow told the demonstrators.

Some of the main slogs of the demonstrations read, "disclose Al-Shabab, students are our feature and Turkey are our brothers and their blood is ours"

The police sealed the main roads of the Somali capital ahead of the demonstration to ensure the security of the demonstrations, however angry protestors raided shops and looted shops adn damaged the luxury cars at Ex-control Afgoi where Saturday’s suicide bomb that killed at least 100 people took place. The police responded with fire to disperse the demonstrators.

"People were chanting down down Farmaajo as they attacked the shops and cars” a witness whose name withheld for security reasons said.

Photos posted on Social media show people burning tyres and throwing stones to the shops.

The demos which was organized by the government follow Saturday’s deadly attack which the Somali militant group AlShabab claimed the responsibility of the attack.

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