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Galmudug to fight desert locusts with pesticides

Jan 6th 2020 ยท 1 min read
Galmudug to fight desert locusts with pesticides

DHUSAMAREB, Somalia - Ministry of Agriculture of Galmudug State of Somalia in collaboration with experts from the Somali federal Ministry of Agriculture started plans to fight against the locusts which invaded Somalia has been battling locals in the past few days, whose invasion felt across Somalia, State media reported.

Minister of Agriculture of Galmudug Mohamed Dahir said that pesticide spray has been in some areas in attempt to battle the locust, threatening the crops.

Dhusamareb Commissioner Maalim Nur Elmi Abdulle, said that fighting the locust requires a great deal of effort, and we should work together on this.

Locust has in recent months damaged the crops and grazing in many areas of Somalia has been strong in its agricultural and pastoral areas and dealt with in different ways, as the damaged crops and grazing.This week, the Kenyan town of Wajir, where locusts invaded, has been trying to contain the locusts by firing live bullets into the sky. Similar incidents has been reported in Somaliland and the Shabab controlled areas.

Many believe that fighting against the locusts requires much greater efforts to avoid the loss of crops and grazing lands.

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