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Former Information Minister Dahir Mohamoud Geelle Announces Plans to Run for President

Feb 10th 2020 ยท 1 min read

Former minister of information Amb. Dahir Mohamoud Geelle has announced his interest in running for presidency during the 2020/2021 elections.

The former minister made the announcement in South Africa while addressing the Somalia community.

He pledged that should he be elected, he would prioritise stability and economic development.

"I know you are not lawmakers, but i am a candidate to run for the next presidential elections." Amb. Dahir Mohamoud Geelle said, "You are very valuable people who live abroad, but I want to ensure you that i am ready to make change."

Ambassador Dahir Mohamoud Geelle resigned his post as Minister of information and was the former Somali ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Analysts say that Amb. Geelle is not only a politician but also an elder with the regard to the Somalia matters.

last updated: 2020-02-10@01:02