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Disarmed Militants in Galmudug, Somalia Set to Undergo Training

Jun 16th 2020 ยท 1 min read

Galmudug regional state security Ahmed Moalim Fiqi has put together the disarmed militias in the training camp of Dhaan Karroni the outskirts of Galinsoor.

Galmudug regional state minister for security Ahmed Moalim Fiqi was accompanied by other officials and said the militias surrendered from Adado town and Galinsoor.

Minister Fiqi also said other militias surrendered with vehicles in Galgaduud and are expected to arrive the coming days.

Ahmed Abdi Kariye the president of Galmudug state of Somali will be opening the training.

Galmudug started an operation to disarm clan militias after increasing clashes between clan militias resulted in more than 50 people to death and many others injured with in the past several months.

last updated: 2020-06-16@20:06