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Alshabaab Claims Responsibility for Abduction and Killing of MP in Middle Shabelle

Jul 7th 2020 ยท 1 min read

Al-Shabab militant group has claimed responsibility for killing an MP on Monday in Middle Shabelle of Hirshabelle region.

The MP, Mohamed Mohamud Siyad was travelling on public transport from Jowhar to Mogadishu but was kidnapped in the road that connects between Bal'ad town and Jowhar by the militants.

Alshabab claimed they kidnapped the MP who was headed to Mogadishu from the minibus and killed him. Hirshabelle administration is yet to make a communication on the issue.

Al-Qaeda linked group Alshabab carry out attacks targeting government official and NGO workers. On Saturday, at least five people were killed in separate explosions around the country.

The militants group seems to get embolden by the day even as local and foreign troops intensify attacks against them.

last updated: 2020-07-07@16:07