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Somalia: 2-Day Women Journalists Training Promotes Young Women’s Voices In Media

Jan 21st 2020 · 1 min read

In partnership with the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES) with funding from the European Mission for Somalia, the Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) has concluded two-day training workshop for twenty women journalists from various independent and governmental media outlets held in Kismayo, Jubbaland State of Somalia from 15th to 16th January 2020.

The overall objective of the training was to improve the capacity of female reporters working in Kismayo and was mainly focused on-camera skills including video camera recording and editing, photojournalism and television reporting, empowering working women journalists, ethics of media, and other significant themes.

In his opening remarks, Abaadir Abdulkadir Elmi, Chairman of FESOJ briefly explaining the training said “We have the honor today to kick off training empowering women journalists from the various media sectors of Jubbaland. During the course of the workshop conducted in partnership with VIKES; and support with the EU, the women journalists will take lessons relating to video shooting skills and camera use.

In closing remarks, Abdishakur Arab Omar, the Director-General of the Ministry of Information of Jubbaland pointed out the workshop is significant for the women journalists in Jubbaland State, and requested FESOJ and VIKES to continue strengthening this type of capacity building program

Ms. Hinda Jama, working for SNTV and one of the trainers in the sector of video camera has presented a video clip about the media in general; including transmitting quality views and trust of the journalist.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the other trainer Aasiya Abshir has indicated how the women journalists has benefited from the topic relating to the ethics of the media, including interview skills and preparing balanced news.

Furthermore, Farah Omar Nur, Head of FESOJ Training and Development has also appreciated the trainees for their time in participating the 2-day workshop, The training is not only empowering the women journalists, but it is also attempting to find healthy stable environment improving free, independent media and the expanding reputation of Somalia," Farah Omar Said.

On the other hand, the Directors of Radio Waamo, Radio Soyaal, Radio Kismayo and Star FM participating speaking at the closing session has jointly mentioned they will provide the trainees better opportunity to practice what they have learned during their working time, adding they will be given equal training and other civic education opportunities to both women and male journalists.

In concluding the workshop, Abadir Abdulkadir Elmi, President of FESOJ said the purpose of the training was to upgrade and improve the technical skills and knowledge of women journalists working for the Somali media.

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