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Somali speaker adjourns session amid sharp differences

Mar 29th 2021 · 1 min read
Somali speaker adjourns session amid sharp differences

Somali parliament speaker Mohamed Mursal was forced to adjourn a session on Saturday as chaos rocked the House following sharp differences among the lawmakers over the intention of the hurriedly convened session.

Mursal had convened a session to discuss the rising COVID-19 infections across the country but some lawmakers mainly from the opposition expressed fears that the government wanted to force “unilateral” term extension for the executive.The opposition lawmakers and those supporting President Mohamed Farmajo engaged in bitter exchanges, forcing the speaker to adjourn the session. And a new date will be announced soon. Farmajo who is seeking another four year term in force was on Saturday holding a consultative meeting with five leaders of federal member states in Mogadishu to help break the deadlock on the electoral process.

last updated: 2021-03-29@05:03