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Somali president urges nationals to foster unity, shun terrorism

Oct 13th 2020 ยท 1 min read

MOGADISHU - Somali President Mohamed Farmajo on Monday called on Somalis to foster peace and unity and shun acts of terrorism as the country marked the national flag day which is marked on Oct. 12 annually.

In a statement issued to mark the occasion, Farmajo prayed for the mercy of all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the existence of the government and the unity of the Somali people.

"Today is a great day, it comes 66 years after when the Somali Flag was founded, which stands for the unity, sovereignty and togetherness of Somali people who struggled for a long period in gaining their independence and ruling their country," he said.

He pointed out that the people of Somalia have sacrificed their lives and money to achieve their national aspirations.

The Somali leader called on the nationals to unite to strengthen their government, and shun al-Shabab terrorists who have been fighting to topple the government by killing innocent people and destroying the Horn of Africa nation.

Farmajo highlighted the achievements the government has made in recent years during his term in office, noting the government brought prisoners back to the country and realized the independence and unity of the Somali nation.

He also stressed the efforts which have been made in securing the country's security independence, uniting and restoring thousands of young people who have suffered in foreign prisons, a move he said brought dignity and nationhood of the Somalis.

On Oct. 12, 1954, the Somali flag was hoisted for the first time, marking the end of colonization and the reunification of regions that were separately being ruled by Italy and Britain.

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