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Somali army says arrests 2 senior Shabab operatives

by Xinhua Jul 14th 2020 ยท 1 min read

MOGADISHU - The Somali National Army (SNA) arrested two senior operatives of al-Shabab militants on Sunday in the southern region of Lower Shabelle, a military official confirmed on Monday.

Isma'il Abdi Malik Malin, commander of the SNA's 16th Unit, said government forces destroyed bases used by the militants as hideouts in Mubarak and Darul-Salam villages.

Government forces arrested Bilal Jeylani, al-Shabab commander of intelligence, and that Abdullahi Mohamed, a senior official who was in charge of what the militants call the judicial system, in Lower Shabelle region, Malin said.

The two were among seven al-Shabab fighters who were arrested during an operation on Sunday, he said.

The latest operation came barely a day after Somali national forces, backed by Southwestern state army, killed seven al-Shabab militants including two senior leaders and injured five others in another operation in Bardale, a town in the southern region of Bay.

last updated: 2020-07-14@23:07