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Pastor Turns In Suspected Al Shabaab Militant After Confession

Jan 8th 2020 · 1 min read
Al Shabaab Militants. [Courtesy]
Al Shabaab Militants. [Courtesy]

A pastor, from a church in Mombasa County turned in a suspected member of the Al Shabaab militia group after making a confession.

In a publication by the Standard, the suspect is said to have gone to the church for a confession, and disclosed to the pastor that he was part of the terrorist group.

The pastor, whose name was withheld for security reasons apparently called the police after the confession leading to the arrest and detaining of the suspect from January 3 until Tuesday, January 7, where he was arraigned.

“The suspect had gone to church to be prayed for. It is the pastor who called police to arrest him,” said Eric Masila, the case prosecutor.

The prosecutor sought to have the suspect detained for 10 more days stating that the revealed information would be helpful to security agents and would play a key role in curbing terrorism in the near future.

“We are seeking to detain him for 10 days to allow investigations,” Masila stated.

In addition, Masila indicated that the suspect’s identity would also be protected as he was willing to cooperate and give more information regarding the same.

“He is willing to give us valuable information on the operations of the Somali-based terror group. We will check data in his sim cards that we believe have crucial information that can lead to the arrest of more suspects,” stated Masila.

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The case was presented before Chief Magistrate Ednah Nyaloti who allowed the prosecution to detain the suspect for 10 more days pending investigations.

The magistrate indicated that the suspect would be crucial in unearthening the Al Shabaab terror group and bringing them to book.

Ideally, the suspect did not object to his detention.

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