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Members of the Somali Disability Empowerment Network receive two day workshop in Mogadishu supported by Finnish NGO

Jan 1st · 1 min read

MOGADISHU - Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) held a two day workshop in Mogadishu's Afrik hotel aiming to promote rights of Somali disability awareness and understanding of UN-convention on rights of persons with disability (UN-CRPD).

The workshop, which was financially supported by Abilis foundation of Finland, a Finnish NGO based in Helsinki, was attended by 35 people drawn from SODEB’s larger disability network, with the attendance of Somali government officials and civil society representatives, which a translated copy of the convention was distributed.

Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed, Director of communications of Somali presidency who officially opened the workshop said in his opening remarks that highlighted the importance of the workshop and thanked  the organizers.

"I would like to thank to SODEN and Abilis foundation of Finland for organizing this important workshop to Somali disability people " Mr. Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed, Director of Communications of Villa Somalia said in his opening remarks.

The organization’s chairman Mr. Mohamed Ali Farah has provided to entire participant’s full updates about Somali disability situation, progress reached, challenges and constraints exists and current efforts of government including ratification of the UN-CRPD, drafting national disability act, and formation of the national disability agency (NDA).

Mr. Muse Hassan who was a representative from Deaf community said "It’s our first time to attend a workshop which is giving a chance to the deaf society by translating in to the sign language before we used to attend a workshops which has no sign language interpreter, this workshop is giving us space to understanding deaply the important of the workshop and its objectives”   ¨

Many of the participants thanked the organizers for this important workshop and requested such trainings to be continued.      

Somalia people with special needs do not get much required assistance or trainings  and remain largely discriminated from the society including acquiring jobs or other social benefits.

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