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Ethiopia,Djibouti elected African Union Peace&Security Council members

Ethiopia and Djibouti are elected as the African Union's peace and security council members. Read more.

Feb 10th · 1 min read
Djibouti’s president Ismail Omar Guelleh (Left) and Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed. Photo credit : FBCborkenaFebruary 7, 2020

Ethiopia and Djibouti are elected as the African Union’s peace and security council members, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported on Friday.

AU’s Peace and Security Council is mandated to prevent conflict and pass decisions when there is one to resolve it.

Ethiopia and Djibouti will be members for two years term.

The Council has fifteen members in tota. Five members serve for a five years term, while ten countries have only a two years term membership.

But all members are elected by Africa Union’s Executive Council, but the African Union regular session approves memberships to the peace and security council.

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