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Engage residents to boost Shabaab fight, Muslim clerics tell KDF

They condemn attacks on residents by soldiers saying it creates mistrust.

Jan 6th · 1 min read

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya has asked Kenya Defense Forces to work hand in hand with residents of terror-prone areas to learn the movement of terrorists.

The clerics believe interaction with the residents will easily help them work together to flush out the terrorists and also learn what they are planning to avert attacks. 

But instead, the clerics said, soldiers end up attacking residents after an attack "which creates tension and mistrust between the two parties." 

“The soldiers should be friends with the residents to get information fast enough because we are wondering how the terrorists know about the country more than we do,” CIPK organising secretary Mohamed Khalifa said.

He said the soldiers should permanently be deployed in terror-prone areas instead of them being sent there temporarily only when an incident has occurred.

CIPK has condemned the terror attacks conducted on Sunday at Manda airbase in Lamu where five al Shabaab attackers were killed and five others arrested and are being interrogated.

Another attack happened last Thursday where the terrorists attacked a bus convoy headed to Lamu at Nyongoro. Four travellers were killed by the attackers.

Speaking to the Star at their offices in Mombasa on Monday, Khalifa said no religion supports the killing of a person and the attackers are just using the Islamic religion to create a rift between religions. 

“As Muslims, we have even been forbidden from killing just an insect leave alone a human being, so how can one kill using the Islamic religion?” he asked, referencing the Quran. 

Khalifa said the only thing needed is oneness in the country, adding that hatred between religions will only serve to accomplish the terrorists' mission "hence giving them more power over us". 

“The Quran clearly states that a person who kills one person is like he has eliminated a whole community,” he said.

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