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City Pastor Turns in Al Shabaab Suspect During Confession

A pastor turned in an Al Shabaab suspect after confessing that he had been part of a ...

Jan 8th · 1 min read

A pastor from a church in Mombasa County turned in an Al Shabaab suspect after confessing that he had been working with the group.

According to The Standard, the suspect had gone for confession at the church, whose name was withheld for security reasons, on Friday, January 3, when he admitted to being involved with the terrorist organisation.

It is after the confession that the pastor called the police, who in turn detained him and on Tuesday, January 7, he was arraigned in court.

“The suspect had gone to church to be prayed for. It is the pastor who called police to arrest him," Eric Masila, a prosecutor stated.

Mombasa Law Courts (pictured) An Al Shabaab suspect was arraigned in court on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 after he was turned in by a pastor during confession prayers.While seeking to have the suspect detained, Masila told the court that he had information that could be of help to security agencies in curbing future terror attacks.

“We are seeking to detain him for 10 days to allow investigations,” Masila asked the court.

He also argued that it was important for the suspect's identity to be protected since he was cooperating with the security officers.

"He is willing to give us valuable information on the operations of the Somali-based terror group.

“We will check data in his sim cards that we believe have crucial information that can lead to the arrest of more suspects,” Musila stated.

Having listened to the prosecutor, Chief Magistrate Ednah Nyaloti ordered the police to detain the suspect for 10 days pending the completion of investigations.

Nyaloti stated that the suspect would help more Al Shabaab militants be brought to book.

On his part, the suspect stated that he had no objections to his detention.

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers on patrol in Kismayu, Somalia in November 2015

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