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Citizen TV Actress' Emotional Message to Uhuru

Wanjiku Mburu, popularly known as 'Mama Baha' for her role in Citizen TV's Machachari show sent the yet another painful...

Dec 30th 2019 · 2 min read
Citizen TV Actress' Emotional Message to Uhuru

Former Citizen TV actress in the popular kids show Machachari, Wanjiku Mburu, better known as 'Mama Baha', took to social media to yet again make a painful appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday, December 28.

In the emotional video appeal that followed a letter she had penned to president Uhuru in 2017, she details the abduction of her elder brother, George Mburu, in 2014, with emphasis on the action that was not taken to rescue him.

In the video published on her Instagram account under the hashtag #BringGeorgeHome, Wanjiku states that her brother alongside one more Kenyan identified as Macharia was abducted in Mogadishu, Somalia while on duty by a suspected terror group.

The news, she recounts was broken to the family through their uncle who had stumbled on media reports.

Former Citizen TV Machachari show actress, Wanjiku Mburu, popularly known as 'Mama Baha'.Her brother, she claimed spent his last Christmas with the birth of his lastborn son in December 2013 before he left for Mogadishu as an engineer in the installation of petrol stations on January 16, 2014.

This would be the last time her and her family members would see their brother.

She revisits the 2017 letter that outlined her attemts to get help from the Office of the President before Uhuru's re-election.

''I'm writing to you and this is me clutching at straws..." he letter began.

Following protocol ,she said the relevant people recieved her well and promised action would be taken for her cause. However, the push and pull began soon after.

''Call me first thing in the morning, I'm in a meeting, i'll call you later,'' she recalls how a government contact told her, after which she claims her phone calls were no longer received.

The family's next move was to approach the Kenyan Embassy in Somalia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, efforts which she claims were futile as they were told the government did not negotiate with terrorists.

She also accused the government of instructing their family to keep the matter away from public.

''The second thing we were told was to keep quiet about it.''

A screengrab from the video appeal by former Citizen TV actress Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as 'Mama Baha' to President Uhuru Kenyatta published on her Instagram page on Saturday, December 28.''It's been said and nothing done. So this is me hoping with everything going on, your re-election, githeri man rising to fame, you will get to read this and bring my brother home, three years he has done his time, his children need their father, his wife needs a husband, his parents her son and me my brother, I remain in your service, Shiko,'' Wanjiku concludes her appeal to Uhuru by reading an excerpt from the letter she initially sent the president in 2017.

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