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Chinese Contractors Flee Site After Al-Shabaab Threat

A construction company owned by the Chinese in Lamu port has suspended its operations after the Al-Shabaab...

Jan 7th · 1 min read

A construction company owned by Chinese nationals working on the Lamu Port has suspended its operations following the Sunday, January 5 the Al-Shabaab attack.

A report published by Citizen Digital indicated on Tuesday, January 7, that the company directed its employees to resume work on Monday, January 13, as the situation at Lamu was still "serious".

“At present, the situation in Lamu County is very serious… Please all employees leave the site and go home immediately and wait for the notice to open the site,” read the letter by the company management.

Armed police officers ready to engage their opponents on 23 September 2013 at WestgateThe unprecedented attack at the Kenya Navy camp in Manda Bay in the county saw a US Service member and two Department of Defence contractors killed.

The Al-Shaabab militants who attacked the airstrip at Manda are reported to have been targeting US aircrafts.

The extremist group allegedly used their Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) to attack the US aircrafts that were parked at the base.

A statement released by the Kenya Defense Forces indicated that four terrorists had been killed and five suspects arrested in connection to the attack.

Meanwhile, suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists on Tuesday morning, January 7, attacked and killed four students, in Saretho area of Abakeile Location in Dadaab, Garissa County.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino confirmed the incident, indicating that two of the attackers had already been killed.

"They had killed four people and were now trying to destroy a communication mast when they were engaged by officers," Owino stated.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino (pictured at a past media interview) told reporters that they managed to kill two of the insurgents involved in the Manda Bay attack on Tuesday, January 7.

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