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At Least 10 Servicemen Killed In Bomb Blast In Southern Somalia

Jul 14th 2020 ยท 1 min read

 At least 10 Somalian soldiers were killed as a result of a land-mine explosion in the province of Lower Juba in the country's south, a local radio station reported on Monday.A military vehicle, carrying the country's troops, was blown up by a bomb in the area of Bula Gaduud, the Dalsan FM station reported. As a result, 10 soldiers were killed and dozens were injured.

The Al-Shabab radical Islamist group has claimed responsibility for the explosion, according to the news outlet.

Somalia's Al-Shabab is widely considered to be the most active affiliate of the al-Qaeda terror group (banned in Russia). The movement has been waging a battle against the country's government and is impeding the humanitarian work of the United Nations.

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