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AMISOM successfully mitigates COVID-19 challenges

Jun 19th 2020 · 1 min read
AMISOM successfully mitigates COVID-19 challenges

The sector one commander in Somalia Brig Gen Richard Otto has revealed that AMISOM has successfully mitigated the COVID-19 pandemic so far with the only case registered among soldiers in the Capital Mogadishu discharged after recovery.

Brig Otto has in the meantime implored AMISOM troops to always observe the set health COVID-19 guidelines aimed at preventing the spread of the disease to or among soldiers.

The General made the revelation while meeting Ugandan troops at Battle Group twenty-nine headquarters in Barawe and he commended officers for their diligent service and discipline observed while performing their duties in Somalia.

He, however, urged commanders and troops to remain alert and vigilant noting that Alshaabab is still a threat and has come up with new technology and tactics which do not warrant soldiers’ laxity.

AMISOM recently contributed efforts towards the recapture of Janaale town, situated 95.8 km Southwest of the capital Mogadishu that had been the planning centre for terrorists’ operations.

last updated: 2020-06-19@20:06