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Alshabaab Militants Storm Police Station

Jan 11th 2020 ยท 1 min read
Alshabaab Militants Storm Police Station

A Police post in Mandera on Friday, January 10 was attacked by suspected Al-Shabaab militants who also went on to try and destroy a nearby communication mast.

Reports indicated that Al-Shabaab attacked at Olla area Mandera North sub-county at around 10:00 PM local time Friday night.

Speaking to kenyans.co.ke Manase Otsialo a correspondent from Mandera confirmed the militants had tried to destroy the mast but were repulsed by the police.

They then stormed the local police post in the area but again the officers were up to the task and fought them off.

Al- Shabaab Militants train in a past eventOlla is at the Center of Mandera Moyale Road, Kenya.

The attackers are said to have sprayed bullets at the communication mast but did not succeed and the mast was left intact and servicable.

"They further rushed to the police camp but they did not destroy anything except a civilian water booster whcih had been lying idle there for the last two months," Manase qutyed the Mandera county commisioner

This comes barely a week after Al-Shabaab militants attacked the Kenya Navy camp in Manda Bay, which is also home to US marines, on Sunday, January 5, 2020.

The group is reported to have attacked the airstrip at Manda Bay, targeting US aircrafts.

According to an eyewitness, Martin Makugo, US helicopter 50 air calvaries had been dispatched and were seen firing at the extremist group, who are reported to have retreated towards the Mokowe area.

Henry Mayfield Jr, a United States Army specialist was among those killed during an attack on Manda Bay on Sunday, January 5, his family has confirmed.

The United States government through the US Africa Command acknowledged that there was an attack at the airfield.

"U.S. Africa Command acknowledges there was an attack at Manda Bay Airfield, Kenya and is monitoring the situation. Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the incident," the military arm tweeted.

The US Africa Command stated that together with the KDF, they successfully repelled the al-Shabaab attack and, "Working alongside our Kenyan partners, the airfield is cleared and still in the process of being fully secured."

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