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Al-Shabaab Militias ‘Smuggle’ Small Arms Through Somaliland

Dec 10th 2020 · 1 min read
Al-Shabaab Militias ‘Smuggle’ Small Arms Through Somaliland

Bosaso — Al-shabaab militias in coastal areas of Sanaag, in Somaliland, a diplomatic ally of Taiwan have managed to import small arms from Yemen.

“The group received small arms procured from Yemen. A boat carrying weapons arrived at Durdur beach near Lasqorey. Al-shabaab fighters unloaded the boat and deployed arms to Al Madow mountain range, a hideout for the proscribed group” a source in the neighboring Puntland government security forces has said.

Al-shabaab fighters (a file photo)The Puntland Government is investigating how Al-shabaab managed to conceal weapons in a fishing boat to evade naval patrols at the Gulf of Aden.

Al-shabaab reportedly maintains business links with arms smugglers in South Yemen governorates, where the illegal arms trade is rife due to the civil war in the country.

Puntland State controls the area that Al-shabaab uses to import illegal arms, but Puntland coastal guards seldom search fishing boats from Yemen.

“This will have to change to prevent Al-shabaab from buying arms from Yemeni markets” said a security analyst in Bosaso.

“Al-shabaab uses front businesses to make payments to arms sellers in Yemen. Businesses may be based outside Somalia due to current monitoring of money sent to Yemen from Somalia” added the security analyst.

Puntland State blocked inland routes that Al-shabaab once used to smuggle arms from other parts of the region.

Reliance on Yemeni arms sellers puts more pressure on Puntland to recalibrate its strategy to prevent illicit arms flows into coastal areas under its control.

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