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Aamin Ambulance appeals to the public to raise about $6,500

Feb 6th 2020 · 1 min read
Aamin Ambulance appeals to the public to raise about $6,500

Aamin, a free 24-hour ambulance service in Somalia made an announcement via its Twitter page asking for help to raise $6,454 dollars. This is in order to release two newly donated ambulance buses that have been impounded at the Mogadishu seaport, due to accumulated charges.

The non-governmental organization specializes in responding to situations like minor injuries, accidents, pregnancy-related complications, and illnesses. Also, they have been significantly helpful to victims of terrorist attacks mostly in the capital Mogadishu.

Additionally, they provide reliable statistics on casualties during response missions in the conflict areas, this is significant because a number of media houses across the country rely on firsthand data from Aamin to report the news.

In order to carry out their humanitarian operations, the organization relies solely on public funding which is generated from the Somalians in the diaspora, business people and medical students.

However, over the years, the company has hinted at the possibility of closing down due to financial constraints amongst other business-related issues.

It will be recalled that in 2017, people united to raise funds for Aamin after a deadly October terror attack that killed hundreds of people. After the campaign, they raised almost $33,000.

Furthermore, the increasing demand for free service, which is most likely due to the government’s inefficiency in medical response makes the service harder to deliver. Abdulkadir Adan, the founder of Aamin said ‘’ the number of beneficiaries of this service has increased significantly and therefore the costs too, we do not generate any income with this service’’

The company was created in 2006 with the aim of providing cost-free ambulance service to less privileged people in Somalia. Abdulkadir Adan, a dentist, invested $4,200 dollars of his own money, to refurbish an old minibus into a functional ambulance. This venture later grew into a team of 19 ambulances and 38 nurses, paramedics, and drivers.

Aamin is currently the only semi-public ambulance service in the country, and its expansion is also favourable to public health, especially the masses who rely on this free service as opposed to the unreliable government provisions.

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