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165 Ethiopian migrants return home from Beirut, Lebanon

Sep 1st 2020 · 1 min read
165 Ethiopian migrants return home from Beirut, Lebanon

165 Ethiopian migrants have returned home from Beirut, Lebanon, reported Ethiopian State Media — Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC)

The Ethiopian Consul General in Lebanon said that it coordinated with the Ethiopian Community Association, charitable organizations, and individuals to return the Ethiopians to their country on Sunday in the evening.

According to the source, the returnees experienced human rights violations, physical and psychological trauma as they were without shelter and other necessities. Their employers are indicted into the abuse of the rights of Ethiopian migrants.

Ethiopian Churches in Lebanon, charitable organizations, and the Consulate General provided them with temporary shelter, clothing, foods, face masks, and sanitizers when they were waiting for their repatriation for several weeks. Their airfare to Ethiopia is also paid for by those groups.

157 more Ethiopians are said to be staying in the Ethiopian Community Association temporary shelter, and the consulate general is working on traveling documents and other related issues, according to the report by FBC.

The Consulate General also disclosed that another 155 Ethiopians are poised to return to their country at the end of this week.

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