Welcome to Qalanjo, an open news-room platform that mainly focuses on East African countries but welcomes any kind of writers who care about honest and accurate news.

East Africa is the fastest growing region in Africa and we believe that it must have transparency that ultimately serves the public interest and furthers trust in media

Most of us aren’t journalists or writers, we just have one goal that bring us together, to promote transparency and accountability in all aspects of media. In addition to that, it's an opinion outlet that anyone can let their voice to be heard. Whether you want to report from your local or want to give your opinion on any topic.

Qalanjo launched in 2011 as women and children magazine, and now we have decided to turn it to a gateway for east Africa. Currently, we are in the works to perfect the platform so that any person can use it, and because of that publishing stories is manually done and takes sometimes. But as always you can submit your stories and opinions.

Fan fact: Qalanjo means female elephant in Somali language.

last updated: 2019-11-09